Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Enterprise v0.2.1 Beta Released

I am launching on the blog-o-sphere today a post to discuss Enterprise.

Yes, Enterprise. A long overdue topic, I'm sure.

I am happy to announce that Enterprise has a 0.2.1 beta release. If you hadn't download it yet from the Enterprise website, I urge you to do so. Why? Well, for starters this new version fixes a number of key issues which have been plaguing users of Mac Linux USB Loader, namely, the infamous "booting in blind mode" error.

This beta also introduces preliminary support for both Kali Linux and Tails - two highly requested distributions. Although you need to set Enterprise up manually for these because support isn't yet integrated into Mac Linux USB Loader, it is easy to do so; see the official instructions for more.

Questions, thoughts, or concerns? As always, drop me a line, comment on this post, and feel free to donate to the project.

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