Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mac Linux USB Loader's New USB Setup Window

Let's face it. Mac Linux USB Loader's current USB device setup window looks really bad. It's okay, you can admit it. It was kind of haphazardly put together without a real regard for design. Heck, the window can't even be properly resized.

With Mac Linux USB Loader's new rewrite, these issues will be put to bed. The new live USB setup window is a lot better and is more linear. By what margin is up to you to decide, but I think everyone will agree there's been improvement:

The very old but much loved drop down menus have been replaced with a much sleeker user interface inspired by simplicity. To choose the USB drive to setup a live USB for, you now click on a visual representation of your drive in the destination selector panel. And the screenshot probably spoils another new feature coming in this rewrite - you can now add your own copies of Enterprise to a list of sources in Mac Linux USB Loader's preferences. This means that if you like to compile your own binaries of Enterprise (because you don't trust me, for example) you can do that and use them instead of those shipping with the application.

And yes, you can resize and take the window fullscreen now.

Any thoughts? Comments? You can comment below or for a quicker response email me here.


Anonymous said...

I've one question and one suggestion.
My question is: I tried to do a Live USB with latest Kali Linux; it works but when it prompts me Login Box, root/toor doesn't work; how can I log in?
My suggestion: it would be perfect if you add persistent option not only for Ubuntu but for example for Debian/Kali and others - I tried with echo union command but it doesn't work.

SevenBits said...


Kali is currently not working due to a bug/error on my part. Please kindly wait for the next release of Mac Linux USB Loader which will fix many issues you and others have been having.

Adding persistence for other distributions will be tricky, as every distribution does it differently. I'll see what I can conjure up, however.

-- SevenBits

Julian Giordano said...

I have a mac book pro (intel) and I have tried Mint 15, Mint 16, and Ubuntu for Mac. (Mint 16 I downloaded manually myuself from site, not via the USB loader). I have a 64-bit system. and it hangs in blind mode.

There is an option screen if I select #2 and I can choose options and no matter what I choose, the result is always the same for every distro, it hangs on "Booting in blind mode..."

Please tell me what I am doing wrong? The distro is listed as boot.iso in the correct directory.

SevenBits said...

@Julian: Hmm, you are not the first person to report issues but usually enabling the nomodeset option from the advanced settings gets you into at least a partially workable system.

My advice would be to report your specific system information and maybe I can help you further. But unless I have more information I am afraid I cannot give you very much meaningful advice.

Julian Giordano said...

@Seven - Awesome, Thanks! I am going to try it on another laptop that I found in the bottom of my closet. I will test again on my mac book and get the system specs if enabling nomodeset option does not work. Great work SevenBits, thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi again,
I successfully created a live usb with Kali using your tool; but as you know it didn't logon; so I tried to do it manually using the method provided by killburn at and it works. The problem is that your command for persistence dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/usb/casper-rw bs=1M count=128 prompt me that media is not a directory. How can I do?

Alexander Altermann said...

Hello SevenBits,
I installed with Mac Linux OSB Loader V.: 2.0 your "ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64+mac.iso" on a 16GB USB-Stick. When I try to boot I got the error message:

… Loading Linux Kernel - done
Loading initial RAMDISK -done
Attempting to boot the Linux distribution now…
error: no suitable video mode found
booting in blind mode
nothing more happened - need to reboot with the start button.

My MacBook Pro is a 17" with 16 GB 1333 MHZ DDR3 RAM
2,4 Ghz intel core i7
Graphic is AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB
OS X is 10.8.2 (12C60)

Would be very nice if there is a solution foe me.



The Florida Steampunker said...

All distros boot up as Blind Mode for me. Late 2009 iMac.

Matt Roth said...

like The Florida Steampunker, I also have a late 2009 iMac (i7) and all distros end in blind mode.

Anonymous said...

nice tool. unfortunately i got the blind boot error as well. trying to boot luna.

macbook air mid 2013, 8gb, intel hd graphics 5000