Tuesday, August 21, 2012

File Incinerator on OS X: Public Beta now Open!

My file incinerator, a utility that incinerates files that are selected from the users hard disc, is in the process of being converted to Cocoa in Mac OS X. Yes, this means eventually a Mac version will be available for download.

However, I really should note that it is a GUI only. The actual code that incinerates the file is not quite working yet, so it will take some take to successfully port it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how OS X handled the majority of the low-level tasks like the Spotlight and About box. Xcode, Apple's official development environment, does a good job setting the low-level stuff up for you so you can work on bigger and better things.

The public beta is open to anyone who wishes to try the application. Just click here to download a ZIP file containing the app. Because it is not signed with a developer certificate (I am not yet a member of the OS X developer program), it will not work under Mountain Lion under the default security settings.  Control-click the app, and then click Open, to grant the app a one-time security exemption.

You can install it globally to the Applications folder on the root of your hard disc, but if you have a personal Applications folder in your home directory, you can install it there so other users don't use a beta program.