Thursday, May 9, 2013

Linux, OS X, and Windows... oh my!

This post is being written in lieu of a serious update in a while. First, an update on Mac Linux USB Loader. As indicated by my lack of commits, I haven't really continued coding the application in a while. This is because I've decided to take a hiatus from coding on it so I can focus on my personal life as well as on my other projects. I have lots of programs sitting my Code folder on my hard drive and some of them, like Enterprise, my Linux EFI boot loader, and Invasion, my first person shooter, have development levels akin to abandonment.

It's always difficult when a program isn't being developed. It leaves those who rely on the project in the dust and perhaps unable to perform their daily tasks. Eventually the program gets dated and it reaches the point that no matter how good the application is (or was), nobody can use it anymore. I have been a victim of this myself when looking for good development tools and libraries. Sometimes, a tool just too beneficial to let die gets picked up by another author who works on it. But many die alone.

Looking back on my own really old code projects, I've seen this myself. Old games I've worked on for a few days and then scraped, pieces of code that are now outdated, etc. I've written programs for OS X, Windows, even Linux... Even a project you're super thrilled about can meet its day. It's unfortunate, but true.

I hope to pick up some additional projects for the Mac App Store. I have a few ideas already, but I'm keeping them a secret. I do have some ideas for all of my old code, however. One of these days, I'm going to grab a bunch of old code that I've written or that has been written by others, and I'm going to look at it on this blog. Some of my old programs will go open source as well with a kind of scrap pack that I'll open source and put on GitHub. It'll be downright terrible code, but maybe somebody can learn from it.

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