Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mac Linux USB Loader 1.0 Release Preview is Out!

The 1.0 release preview of Mac Linux USB Loader is out! It's totally feature complete. You can expect 1.0 out within a couple days.


T Freeloader said...

I couldn't get this to work on mac late 2008 unibody MacBook 13'. It would just show the grub> minimal bash stuff which wouldn't load the kernel from that. But I DO thank you for all of your efforts on this.

One method that did work is burning the PLOP Bootmanger cd (which defeats the purpose of an outright solo usb Linux boot) PLOP will boot the unetbootin format just fine from usb. The few live cds that I have tested all worked. At least you only have to burn one cd with that method.
Macs can be funny things sometimes.
But thanks again for your efforts on this project.

SevenBits said...

Thank you for trying this tool and sharing your results with me. I should note that I have a Mac model very similiar to yours, an early 2008 MBP. The reason GRUB must have dropped you into the prompt is because it couldn't find the files in the ISO it's looking for. I'm working on this.

Yes, PLOP does work. However, for Macs without a CD drive, or for those who hate the performance drop that booting from a CD causes, Mac Linux USB Loader is really the only solution.

I wish you luck in getting this to work.

T Freeloader said...

Well tonight I tried the built in Ubuntu 12 for mac and it seemed to get a little bit further and told me to be wait or something like that but hung and the MB got really hot and the fan kicked in high gear so after about 20 mins or so i powered it off. Also, I tried this method with no luck

Yeah the PLOP cd method still works but obviously, it won't for people with MB airs or without a cd drive.

SevenBits said...

Your Mac probably doesn't like your video card.

T Freeloader said...

I was wondering about that myself. I have NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB I wish that i had another real mac to test it on.

I'm certainly no expert on Xcode but I compiled the latest git finally. For anyone getting an error about "The identity 'Mac Developer' doesn't match any valid, non-expired certificate/private key pair in your keychains" go under build settings in Xcode and change "Mac Developer" to "Don't Code Sign".
Then jump back to the terminal and and run xcodebuild and it will create the build folder. Or at least that's what seemed to work for me anyway. Unless I am doing it wrong..

SevenBits said...

No, that's pretty much what you do.

T Freeloader said...

Ok cool beans! I am honestly confused and overwhelmed by all of the options of Xcode. I prefer the old ./configure
make (maybe a $PATH or -flag here)
sudo make install

LOL i am getting old but I think that Xcode will always have is place in the world of software dev tools... just as Caligula had his place in the Roman Empire. I guess I should read up on how to use it. I get some of the objective-C stuff but that's about it.

SevenBits said...

Yes, you could compile this with a Makefile, but you'd have to write one first, of course. In my opinion Xcode is much simpler to use though.

Pierre Rigal said...


I have a 5.5 mid 2009 MacBook Pro with an SSD drive, I have created a usb with your soft but ubuntu freeze right after lauching. I think it's because of the lack of nvidia drivers on the ubuntu desktop cd.

Is there any way to boot without lauching desktop, so I can install nvidia drivers before lauching unity ?

Thanks !