Thursday, January 26, 2012

Invasion Alpha Was a Success!

So far, the alpha I released on this blog had over 87 downloads and 271 views on that blog post! We received a lot of information regarding the game and what we should be doing, as well as what bugs can be fixed and the like.

In short, I am pleased how well this has gone, and in the future I hope to very shortly release the next chapter – the next alpha version – of the FPS. In the next alpha release, the map will take place in an underground sewer location. And no assets will be reused from the Unity sewer tech demo; it will be all a custom map. :)

Here’s a few photos of the new map in progress. Please note there is no light mapping just yet, and the scene looks sort of plain because shaders haven’t been applied yet.


A large room, with a siren.


One of the many long and expansive corridors.

At some point or another, most of the gun models will be revamped, and some scrapped totally and replaced. Also, a video will hopefully be uploaded at one point or another, but no guarantees. I’m going to keep you updated like this because it’ll awhile before the next build distribution.

If you don’t like the quality of the maps, suck it up; They’ll look a bit better later with tweaks and visual improvements.

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