Friday, January 20, 2012

Alpha 1 of Invasion Released!

Hello, everyone on the Internet and beyond. Another small post today where I’m going to discuss my FPS game that is currently in development with Unity Beta 3.5. The game’s overall concept I cannot yet disclose, but rest assured it is worth the wait.

The release is in the Alpha version and may contain bugs. There is only a single level, but aware there is more content than what’s in the download. I simply didn’t wish to put it all in there. For example, one feature in the works is the ability to drive on the backs and tanks and copters.

To download, please use the following link:


Thanks, and if you have any comments, please either comment here or on the Unity forums, if you’re a member. Some screenshots follow:




Human said...

WTF!! Anonymus? Don't hack me!!!
(lol) xD
good game

Aixaix said...

Well, i love the models...
It's looking nice.