Friday, July 4, 2014

This Independence Day, Celebrate Something as Important as Freedom Itself

America. The land of the free and the home of the brave has braved many changes through her years. So, this Independence Day, while we celebrate the brave actions of our compatriots 238 years ago, we also have another thing to be thankful for.

A new consumer preview release for Mac Linux USB Loader.

So celebrate the day in style with with a new preview of Mac Linux USB Loader's rewrite. Some specific changes since last time:

  • The distribution downloader almost completely works now. It grabs the list of mirrors for a specific distribution from my repository and displays a nice little menu for you where you can select the mirror where you want to download. The mirrors are currently divided by country, with, obviously, the greatest country on the planet listed first (oh, sorry, excuse my jingoism - it is Independence Day, after all).

  • And, the distribution downloader has a preferences window, though it doesn't really work yet. Most of the settings are saved, however.

There are a few additional changes here. Among them are:

  • Some code was added to check the version of OS X that the user is running and, if it's Yosemite, it makes some small UI tweaks.
  • The table in the Enterprise setup preference pane was tweaked under the hood.
  • And some other, really unimportant stuff.

So, go ahead! Do your patriotic duty and download the latest test image now. Your country needs your immediate assistance! And always remember....

Okay, so maybe this isn't as important as freedom itself. But it's still pretty neat, right? :)



Anonymous said...

Tested with a MacBook Pro and it doesn't show USB at startup, only OS X partitions. Previous stable version works. I think the problem is that the newer beta version doesn't copy in "boot" folder .efi files, only boot.iso.
I tested Kali Linux and there's a login issue (incorrect usr/psw); don't know if persistence works.

However, good job, man!

SevenBits said...

Oh dear, you are right. Yes, the latest version does not copy the other boot EFI files. Whoops. Will fix that when I can. Thanks for testing.