Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Sneak Preview of Enterprise

So, after a long, hard month of serious development (before this was a rather lackluster and on-and-off effort) I am pleased to show some screenshots of Enterprise, my custom UEFI boot manager program that I wrote about at length in this post. However, there are some (small) details that are different in the plan versus the implementation, and that's of course because I've found a better way to do things. So, here's are some screenshots, as promised, with comments:

This screen (which may receive minor tweaking) allows the user to select one of two basic options: starting the Linux distribution immediately or, in case there's issues with the video card, etc, to customize Linux kernel boot options.

This is what the boot options screen that I just mentioned looks like. You can toggle a variety of boot options (up to 9 is supported with this approach) that have a variety of functions. Some of them make troubleshooting easier, while others facilitate installing Linux to your Mac. I plan on adding more before the final release. Please note that not all options are supported by all distributions.

Love it? Hate it? Have suggestions? Drop me a line. I'm shooting for a release date of the 30th of November and I'd love to get some feedback.

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