Monday, October 29, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10: What's there not to like?

The operating system Ubuntu has long been known for providing a safe, sleek, and elegant solution to users looking for easy to use Linux. Ubuntu 12.10 provides all that and more and gives users a convenient set of new features. Let's look at my top five favorite features of Ubuntu:

  1. Ubuntu gives users the ability to create web apps from inside the included Firefox web browser. Now there is no longer any need for remembering the URLs of some websites like Google Docs: simply visit the site, and Ubuntu will ask you if you want to install the app for faster access. Simply click Install and pin the resulting app to your Launcher and you're ready to go! This is new in 12.10.
  1. You can, from within the Dash, search for music and books with live results from your query. Don't like the privacy issues that you feel might arise? Just turn off the setting in the system preferences. This is new in 12.10.
  2. Ubuntu 12.10 adds support for EFI booting with a signed boot loader. These steps are necessary to allow Ubuntu to boot on PCs running Windows 8 with its secure boot feature.
  3. While certainly nothing new, Ubuntu One is a cloud service made by Canoncial, the same folks who make Ubuntu. They offer a large variety of intelligent services that are similar to Apple's iCloud.
  4. Finally, the new Ubuntu release reorganizes the desktop and Launcher and increases the special  effects of the desktop by enabling drivers that perform 3d calculations for the desktop on computers with integrated video cards. This means that running Ubuntu on computers with Intel graphics looks better than ever, and of course if you have things like nVidia graphics it looks even better!
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