Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simple Document Viewer: A Help Utility for My Projects

Considering I’m starting a large toolkit of tools for computer users, I’d figure I’d start by posting about my newest complete utility: a Simple Document Viewer designed to view online help for the rest of my toolkit in a fast and efficient manner. It renders pages in basic HTML, sadly CSS is not supported. I was going to add the Firefox renderer in, but that’s too large for my purposes here.

Here’s a screen capture:


As you can probably see, its GUI is more sophisticated and involved than that of my simple File Incinerator tool. It consists of the standard back and forward navigation buttons, as well as an HTTP address bar. This address bar, however, is most likely going to be removed and replaced with a label showing the current address. The drop-down options dialog box is used to view the About text as well as choose the application of which help will be displayed.

Any comments on how the GUI looks will be much appreciated and welcome in the comments form below.

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